How to create a proposal for a customer quickly and easily?

Coposal offers ready-made templates for agencies, IT service providers, event planners, catering companies or even classic proposal templates that you can use as a basis to quickly and easily create a proposal. Of course, you can customize and individualize them according to your ideas and wishes. To create a proposal, please proceed as follows:


In the first step, check the data of your brand under "My Team" and adjust it to your company or brand, if not already done. Find more details in our FAQ article "How can I set up my team/brand in Coposal?".

After editing a tab, be sure to click "Save changes" so that the settings are applied. Otherwise they will be lost!


Once you have set up your brand, create the first customer. To do this, click on "Clients" in the left menu and then select "Add client".


Now enter the data of the recipient of the proposal. This information will automatically appear within the placeholders used in the proposal. Click on "Add client" to save the entered data in Coposal. 


To quickly create a proposal for the customer, the next step is to select a template. To do this, click on "Templates" in the left menu. 


Coposal offers you 3 pre-built templates to choose from by default. By clicking on one of the templates you can preview it and see the basic structure. Click "Close" if you do not like the template and want to select another one.

If you want to start the proposal creation with the selected template, then select "Create proposal from template". 


Now start creating the proposal by first defining the basic data of your proposal. To do this, select the previously created recipient from the drop-down menu under "Recipient". Under "Title" you can enter a concise title for your proposal, which will be used on the proposal cover and in proposal emails. Under "Due at" you can specify a time by which the proposal should be created and ready to be sent to the recipient. This is especially helpful for coordinating the process from creation to sending between multiple employees.

In the fields below you can change the language, currency and tax rate that will be used for the proposal.

In the "Design" tab you can set the color scheme, as well as a cover and page style for your proposal. Basically, you can choose from 8 color schemes, 3 cover styles as well as 9 page styles. Coposal additionally offers you the possibility to upload your own color schemes as well as your own background image. If you want to use your own font, please contact our support.

Click on "Save changes" to save the entered data. To create the actual proposal and edit the selected template, now click on "Edit" under "Actions".


In edit mode, you can now design your proposal to your heart's content. Individual blocks can be moved, changed, deleted, supplemented or added. In the placeholders (square brackets), the previously specified data of your team and the customer data will appear later. With our paid plans (from plan "SMALL") you also have the possibility to attach files to your proposal, which should be available to the customer later.

Don't forget to regularly save your changes by clicking the save button on the bottom right.


When you are done creating the proposal according to your requirements, you may now send it by clicking "Publish" in the "Actions" panel.


Before sending your proposal you have the possibility to set some options, enter a closing date (day until which the proposal is valid) and adjust the default intro text for the email to the customer. By clicking on "Publish", the proposal will be sent to the customer's e-mail address. 


After sending, Coposal will automatically create a pdf document with your proposal. You can download it at any time and present it to the customer, if he prefers this format. 

If your customer has not received the email with your proposal, or if you have skipped the inbuilt sending, you have the option to send him the reading link manually (requires paid plan).

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