How can I send my proposals through my own mail server?

By default, your proposals will be sent through our Coposal servers. However, you also have the option to configure our proposal tool to send your proposals via your own mail server and with your own sender address. The setting can be specified per team/brand.


Log into Coposal ( with the owner or administrator account to set it up.


Select the desired team/brand, if you use multiple teams/brands, and then click on "My Team".


Now switch to the tab "Settings", activate the option "Send proposals through own SMTP server" and save the settings via "Save changes".


In order for Coposal to communicate with your mail server for sending your proposal, you must now define the settings for SMTP authentication. If necessary, consult with your provider/server administrator to enter the correct data.

  • SMTP server
    Enter the hostname of your mail server in this field.
  • Port
    In this field, enter the port that your mail server uses for outgoing messages.
  • Authorization
    It is best to use the "AUTO" setting. Coposal will then automatically search for the appropriate setting.
  • Encryption
    If you want to encrypt the connection between Coposal and your mail server, then you can choose between SSL and TLS. If you do not want to use encryption, then leave the setting at "-" .
  • Sender address
    In this field, enter the desired sender address to be used in the email to the customer.
  • Username
    At this point, enter the username of your email account so that Coposal can authenticate to your mail server.
  • Password/Token
    Enter the password of your email account so that Coposal can authenticate to your mail server.


In order to save the settings, please click on "Save changes".

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