Whether you work as an agency or service provider, two factors are crucial when acquiring new customer orders:

SpeedQuality of Presentation

Only if you respond quickly and your proposal is easy to understand and structured can you increase your chances of winning a bid. Of course, product and your service are just as relevant, but with the mass of providers, you only get the chance to convince the customer if the first offer is already to the point.

After all, the potential new customer wants to be able to see at a glance whether the services and prices meet his expectations. Furthermore, he wants to know whether your company is the right business partner for his project.

Pay attention to the factors that make a proposal successful

An effective assessment of demand during the initial meeting helps to capture the customer's requirements and wishes in as much detail as possible and to create an offer model as well as sales arguments that will make the sales meeting a success without any obstacles.Of course, a complete determination of requirements takes a lot of time and effort, but is worth it in the long run. The customer recognizes the salesperson's ability to respond to his needs and has the feeling that the proposal is tailored to his individual requirements.

Demonstrate that your proposal meets the requirements by:

  • Revisit the customer's requirements discussed during the needs assessment process.

  • Relate the customer's requirements to the features and functions of your product or service

  • Explain how your proposal can be tailored to meet the customer's needs and demonstrate its benefits.

  • Explain the added value that your products or services provide.

Speed up the proposal creation phase

If it takes you several days to send the prospect your proposal after the initial meeting and needs assessment, the chances of winning the bid will be relatively slim. Statistics have shown that more than 80% of customers request a maximum of three proposals, and the company with the quickest response is always preferred. Especially if the proposal already covers the requirements.

Therefore, always work with checklists and basic templates that you can easily and quickly adapt to individual requirements and send to the customer in a straightforward manner. These templates contain the requirements, prices, basic information about your product or service, as well as some information about your company and the way you work.

Also make sure to offer the customer proposal variants, so you show flexibility and the will to find the model that suits the customer.

How do I make my proposal legally binding?

In addition to the general structure of a proposal, there are some aspects the proposal must contain in order to be legally binding:

  • Sender of the proposal and contact details of the contact person.

  • A clear addressee. (it should be mentioned here that only he/she is allowed to take advantage of the proposed conditions)

  • The date of the proposal.

  • A unique proposal number.

  • A description as precise as possible of quality and price of the goods. As well as the type, scope and remuneration of the service or product.

  • If applicable, the additional costs of packaging, shipping insurance, transportation, the delivery date and the terms of payment.

  • The time, quantity and other limitations on the validity of the proposal through release clauses.

  • The general terms and conditions.

Increase the chances of receiving an order

If you have reacted quickly and sent your proposal, only half the battle has been won. Because in addition to speed, it is always important to ensure that the proposal is structured and easy to understand. Frequent inquiries tire the customer and reduce the chances of success. Try out proposals with different structures to determine the optimum form for your proposal.

Also avoid unnecessary delays caused by too much paperwork or various reconfirmations. Optimally, the customer can accept the proposal directly.

Include extended and optional services and products

Upselling or cross-selling measures should not wait until the customer has already made a purchase from you or is using a part of your service. Show the customer directly in the proposal which other services and products could complement and expand his request.

Many customers have a higher willingness to buy and are also willing to pay more for a product or service if they recognize that your services build on or complement each other.

Just make sure to make booking these extended services as easy as the proposal itself.

How Coposal helps you sell faster and maximize your sales.

Complying with all the above factors and measures can take time and effort. Coposal takes this work off your hands and allows you to focus more on the customer itself.

Create proposals easily and quickly.

Attract attention with the professionally and intuitively designed proposal letters and stand out from the crowd thanks to fast response speed. Coposal offers various ready-made proposal templates for agencies, IT service providers, event planning and catering, but also classic proposal letters for general projects.

In the account you select the desired template, adapt it to your company's corporate identity and add your own images and texts. Coposal automatically adds all other information such as customer and offer number, address, etc. from the stored data of your company and the customer records.

Once configured, you can create new proposals within minutes.

Keeping track for you.

Never miss the right moment to follow up again. You receive an immediate notification as soon as the potential customer opens the proposal, agrees or rejects your proposal. This allows you to contact them directly to discuss any queries.

Bring contracts to closure, even in times of contact restrictions or limitations.

With our solution, you have your finger on the pulse of time and, thanks to the integrated e-sign function, you can agree proposals in a legally secure manner without any direct contacts and conclude them with an electronic signature.

Save time with content blocks and chapters.

Save recurring factors and elements in the form of content blocks to quickly and individually adapt each proposal to the customer's needs. Content blocks are added with a few clicks and can be moved around within the proposal.

Create, send and mange proposals online.

Do away entirely with text documents that have to be converted and delivered by hand. With Coposal you generate the proposal online and can send it to the customer directly from the Coposal Dashboard. The customer receives the proposal, can access it online from anywhere and make inquiries or place orders directly within the proposal.

Supports your team and is suitable for corporate groups.

Always keep an overview. With the team function, you create your own dashboard for your service names and sister or subsidiary companies. Assign tasks and roles to your sales teams. Proposals and templates can be assigned, shared and edited within and between the teams.

Try for yourself how Coposal can help you achieve more sales and maximize your revenue. With our "Free" plan you get a permanently free plan.

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