Sandyford, Ireland

Employees: <10

Industry / Business Model

Increasily is a Digital Strategy agency whose missing is to fill the gap between strategy and execution. We create and execute tailored digital marketing strategies for brands and SMEs.

I run Increasily, a digital strategy agency based out of Dublin, Ireland. As part of my role in the company, I look after sales and account management. I noticed the number of client proposals being accepted was relatively low so I decided to look for a solution.

At a very top level, I was looking for a tool that could revamp and up the quality level of our proposals. More specifically, I was looking for an affordable solution with an easy to use interface for the building of the proposal. Additional features I was interested in were the option of accepting / signing the proposal as well as paying directly online.

My overall goal was to improve the numbers of proposals being accepted and, at the same time, send more custom and complex proposals.

Coposal ticked all the boxes above. Additionally, it was very easy to implement as it did not require any download. I also very much appreciated the free version, which allows you to test the product.

On average, I would be creating 20 proposals a month. Creating a proposal is now much easier and faster than ever. There are a few templates available but you can also build your own. It's also easy to duplicate proposals and re-use them for projects with similarities.

In brief, Coposal has brought the following benefits to the company:

  • Higher conversion rate for proposals

  • Slicker proposal design

  • Faster proposal creation

  • Higher level of proposal customisation

Founder & Head of Strategy at

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