How can I set up my team/brand in Coposal?

During the introduction tour, the menu item "My team" was already demonstrated to you. This is where you manage the data of your brand or the associated team in Coposal. If you want to change the data inserted during the tour or update them, please proceed as follows:


In the first step, click on "My Team" to enter the team settings.


Within the tab "Team data" you can store the information about your company or brand that will later appear in the proposal.

After editing a tab, be sure to click "Save changes" so that the settings are applied. Otherwise they will be lost!


Within the tab "Team members" you can create additional users for your employees or colleagues who are to create and/or edit proposals for this team / brand. To do this, simply click on "Add member" and then enter the data for their login. 

Setting up additional users is available from the "SMALL" plan onwards.

After editing a tab, be sure to click "Save changes" so that the settings are applied. Otherwise they will be lost!


Within the tab "Settings" you can configure the settings related to your team / brand. 

Under "Email settings" you can define the settings for the emails to be used when sending a proposal. These include:

  • Salutation
  • Default intro text (can be modified and customized before sending).
  • Whether a confirmation email should be sent when the customer accepts the proposal
  • Footer
  • Email address for sending a copy of the proposal 

Under "Defaults" you can define which default values you want to use for your proposals. These can be adjusted / changed again when creating a proposal. This includes:

  • Language of the buttons in the proposal
  • Currency
  • Tax rate
  • Creation period (maximum time span in which a proposal should be created and sent)
  • Closing period (maximum time span between sending and targeted closing)
  • Electronic signature (use of electronic signatures when sending and accepting a proposal)

Under "Advanced settings" you can specify:

  • Whether all links inserted in the proposal should be opened in a new tab by default. By enabling this option, you will not have to specify this for each link included in your proposals.
  • Whether the older version of our pdf generator should be used for generating a pdf file of your proposal. In general, we recommend using the new generator, as it can create more appealing pdf files. However, for simpler designs, the older generator may produce better and more compact results.
  • Whether a page break should automatically occur before each new chapter when generating a pdf file. This will start a new page for each chapter. However, if you use many smaller chapters in your proposal, we rather recommend to set the page break in the proposal manually with the "Page Break" block.
  • Whether your proposals should be sent through your own mail server instead of Coposal servers. This allows you to use your own email address as a real sender address when sending the proposal to your customer. To do this, enter the required data of your mail server. This function is available from the plan "SMALL" and above. 

After editing a tab, be sure to click "Save changes" so that the settings are applied. Otherwise they will be lost!

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