How are permissions controlled in Coposal?

If several people are to work with Coposal, then you have the option to create a separate user for each employee. You can assign different roles to them and thus control the permissions. Coposal distinguishes between account roles and team roles. 

Account Role

An account role is used to describe the permissions a user has with respect to the entire Coposal account. The role is distinguished as follows:

  • Owner
    The owner is considered the owner and contact person for the entire Coposal account. His name appears on the invoices your company receives from us. He also has all the rights and can, for example, sign up for a new plan, request account deletion, create/manage new teams as well as their members, adjust the billing address for the account or even view all the invoices that we have issued so far. Furthermore, he can access all the content of the teams and adjust it if necessary. Only one owner can be created in Coposal at a time.
  • Administrator
    Administrators also have the ability to create/manage other teams and their members, change billing addresses, or view all invoices. The only difference with the "Owner" role is that an administrator cannot make any changes to the tariff and cannot request account closure.
  • Member
    Members can only exercise the rights assigned to him via the team roles. An administration of the entire Coposal account is not possible with this role.

If the role of an employee for the Coposal account is to be changed subsequently, then proceed as follows:


Select "My Team" in the left menu.


Click the employee's name to enter his profile settings.


Now select the new role of the employee under "Account role" and then click on "Save changes".

Team role

The team role describes the rights that a user has within a team. A difference is made between the following roles:

  • Leader
    With this team role, an employee has access to all settings of a team and can modify them. Furthermore, all offers, all templates and the chronicle of a team can be viewed, edited, managed and sent.
  • Author
    With this team role an employee gets access to all offers, all templates and the chronicle of the assigned team. These can be viewed, edited and managed with this role. Quotes can also be created and sent with this role. Unlike a team leader, an author cannot create team members or manage them.
  • Reader
    With this team role, an employee only has the ability to view quotes, edit texts contained in them (proofread), or create a pdf file which he can then download. He cannot create or send offers. He also has no access to the offer templates.

With the "Owner" or "Administrator" account role, the employee always has all the rights of a leader. The two account roles effectively override the team role you assigned to the employee.

If you want to change the role of a team member at a later date, please proceed as follows:


Click on "My Team" in the left menu.


Now select in the column "Role" the role you want to assign to the employee.


Click on "Save changes" to apply the changes you made.

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