How can I create a content block or chapter and save it as a template?

To make it easier and faster for you to create proposals, Coposal offers the possibility to create individual content blocks or even entire chapters and save them for reuse.


In order to create your own chapters or your own content blocks, you must first create an offer and then edit it using the edit mode. To do this, go to "Proposals" and click the "Add proposal" button.


Now enter a title and click on "Add proposal".


Now select "Edit" to enter the edit mode.


Click on "Add new chapter"


Now start creating your own chapter. Enter a chapter title and then click on the plus sign (+) to fill the chapter with content.


Now edit the template according to your needs. You can also add more content blocks or chapters to the template if you want to include more information. Clicking on the plus sign (+) opens a menu with various options.

  • Section heading
    "Section Heading" allows you to divide the chapter into smaller sections and give them a heading.
  • Text
    "Text" allows you to create a text block and enter continuous text in it.
  • Blockquote
    "Blockquote" allows you to include a quote in your chapter.
  • Feature card
    "Feature Card" allows you to highlight specific features of your quote.
  • Timeline
    "Timeline" allows you to display a specific timeline chronologically.
  • Enumeration
    "Enumeration" allows you to add an enumeration to your chapter, as the name suggests.
  • Image
    Add a custom image to your chapter.
  • Image Banner
    "Image Banner" allows you to upload a custom image and add some more text on the image banner.
  • Video
    With "Video" you can embed a video which is either stored on Youtube, Vimeo or on your own web server. When using a video from your own server, we recommend using the mp4 video format, as this is supported by all modern browsers.
  • Column
    If you want to place multiple content side by side, then "Column" is the right choice.
  • Panel
    "Panel" allows you to create a chapter within a chapter.
  • Separator
    Insert a bar as a separator line to visually separate content from each other.
  • Page Break (PDF)
    If you want to send your customer a pdf file with your offer, then it can make sense to include a manual page break.
  • Price table
    Add a "price table" whose items will be totaled automatically. To create an item within the price table, click on the plus sign (+). Next, you will be shown the configuration options for the item. Thus, you can make an item selectable by the customer, display a multiple item (price x number), or assign a period (per month, per year, etc.) to the item. The total amount will be displayed automatically.


Each chapter as well as each content block can be copied via the control bar (Symbol: Duplicate documents), properties can be adjusted (Symbol: Gear) or saved as a template for later reuse (Symbol: Disk). Content blocks can additionally be moved up (symbol: arrow up) or down (symbol: arrow down) within a chapter. To delete a chapter or a content block please use the symbol with the red "X".

By reusing pre-made chapters or content blocks, you speed up the creation of an offer immensely, as you do not have to create them every time. You can also establish a certain standard of how your offers should finally look like.


Under "Templates" you can access and manage your content blocks as well as chapters.

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